Friday, 12 October 2012

Conceptual Photography - 'Knowone died today'

Broomberg and Chanarin create a set of conceptual photographic images which have been described by some as merely a 'stunt'. I can appreciate why they did what they did in order to highlight the restriction and control forced on embeded photo journalists covering current war zones especially when compared to say images produced from coverage of Vietnam in the 60's.

Conceptual photography is a new area I'd not considered previously. I'm not sure if anyone really knows what it is. It seems to relate to some areas of photography and not others, I think conceptual photography relates to art more than other types of photography such as fashion advertising or photographic images created to sell a car, these are also conceptual photography by their very creation, which makes me question....isn't all photography conceptual? other than of course simply walking around snapping at whatever takes your fancy, which is what I did before starting this course. But does then photography fall into the category of conceptual only when there are drawn plans? maps and ideas? evidence of the concept? If these plans are in the mind, is this conceptual?

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