Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Exercise: evidence of action

glass in window 007 by caroline..collins
glass in window 007, a photo by caroline..collins on Flickr.
For this exercise I needed to produce a photograph in which it could be seen that something had happened, to include in the photograph something that had been either broken, or emptied.
I took my inspiration for this image from Tracy Barens' 'dewy', 'a highly sensual photograph of an etched glass still wet with moisture and placed on a window sill, light falling onto it through foliage'.(The Photography As Contemporary Art, Charlotte Coton). I tried unsuccessfully to steam the window using a boiling kettle which proved harder than first thought, my intention being to add a further element of narrative to the image, so I used my telephoto lens to ensure a fuzzy background, although light coming though the trees would have improved the image as in Tracey Barens image. There is evidence of lipgloss around the top of the glass and the juice is almost gone, I left a little in the bottom of the glass to evidence the glass having previously been fuller of the juice. I will attempt this image again later in the day when the sun will be behind the tree, if the sun is shining that is! and will make further attempt to steam the window.

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